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Flooring San Antonio

We work hard to give our clients the very best experience possible when it comes to selecting a number of services we provide, including flooring in San Antonio Tx. Whether you're searching for solid wood flooring, carpet, laminate, vinyl plank, tile, or walnut, our experts can assist you with your search. As flooring contractors, we know how important our experience level is to our clients. We have been in the San Antonio flooring installations for over 25+ years, offering floor design repairs, and installation.

It has never been easier to personalize your new floor. When you telephone us to get a free estimate and consultation, we'd be happy to visit your San Antonio home and chat with you about your wood flooring needs. No matter which type of flooring you're looking for, we can install a quality product that's long-lasting, beautiful, and environmentally friendly. Choose from either pre-finished or unfinished hardwood flooring, which can be solid wood or engineered wood. We'll give you advice on which sort of hardwood flooring is best for a specific room, with options such as mahogany, cherry, and walnut, to walnut, pine, and oak.



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Flooring Installation San Antonio

Whether you are deciding on a house renovation or a flooring makeover, you can look for a flooring contractor that has been in the industry for quite some time now. Flooring experts can give you advice on the best flooring options. There have been experiments and new findings of the best flooring options that correspond with every house style and model throughout the years. These flooring options have been tested and are recommended by Flooring contractors. You can always rely on flooring installation San Antonio for more flooring services and materials. 

Types of Flooring Materials

Here are some of the recommended options by flooring experts in choosing the appropriate flooring materials for you. Check them out.

  • Hardwood
    To this day, hardwood flooring is at the top choice of many homeowners because of its appearance and popularity. It is seen in many architectural and interior designing platforms. The good thing about hardwood flooring is you have a wide variety of choices and are readily available in many home shopping establishments. Hardwood is a durable flooring material ideal for longevity purposes. Examples of hardwood flooring are oak, maple, mahogany, and cherry, which are good choices. We also have the bamboo from the grass species for alternatives.
    However, hardwood flooring can be expensive. Also, it is susceptible to scratches, scrapes, and dents if not appropriately maintained. Over time hardwood flooring might also have problems with moisture imbalance, crowning floors, and gaps, but there are always good ways to prevent these problems from happening. You can always reach out to our flooring experts to install floor San Antonio.
  • Laminate
    Laminate flooring is less expensive than hardwood flooring. One ideal feature of laminate is its easy installation procedure. The durability of laminate flooring is also commendable while keeping it maintained takes no sweat. It also comes as planks or tiles and with instructions for DIY projects.
    However, it is inevitably susceptible to damages caused by moisture, so it should not be installed in wet places like the laundry room and floor drains. A moisture barrier should be hand in hand installed with laminate flooring. One thing to remember for this kind of flooring is it is not degradable.
  • Vinyl or Linoleum
    Vinyl flooring is affordable, and it is easy to maintain and can be installed as a DIY project. Vinyl is water-resistant and is offered in a plethora of designs like stone and marble effect. On the other hand, vinyl flooring is less popular because of its appearance; it cannot be repaired. It has a short lifespan compared to wood floorings, not eco-friendly, and is difficult to recycle. The important thing to remember with vinyl flooring is to ensure that the product does not consist of toxins found recently from some vinyl product. Our main goal as the top installer in San Antonio is an honest service to our clients.
  • Porcelain or Ceramic Tile
    If your option is to have stylish flooring, we have porcelain and ceramic tiles that you can choose. In recent years there has been an increase in designs to cater to the interior favors of people. Both flooring materials are waterproof and are known to be ideal for many outdoor gardens, kitchens, and bathrooms. They are easy to clean because they absorb very little moisture. However, porcelain and ceramic are quite pricey and may take time to install.
  •  Natural Stone Tile
    The choices include granite, marble, travertine, and sandstone. This flooring material needs a lot of care, especially when installing it. Hiring floor experts is highly recommended. Natural stone tiles come in different colors, shapes, and patterns.
    It is durable, eco-friendly, and insulated, suitable for homes with kids and pets. It is one of the most expensive choices for flooring. However, it requires extensive care because it can easily chip and needs a costly repair.  
  •  Carpet
    Carpet as flooring is a cost-effective choice. Lots of homeowners choose this kind of flooring because it is soft and warm. It is also offered in different colors and designs. It can reduce noise, which is ideal with residential structures that have higher floors. You can choose a stain-resistant carpet type. Carpet as your flooring choice can be challenging to maintain because it needs professional cleaning and can also absorb smell so, it’s not recommended if you have pets.  

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