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Get quality work at competitive prices from our professionals. Let us restore the original beauty of your wood flooring.

One of our specialties is flooring restoration. A lot of people assume they should completely replace their floor when it's lost its luster or endured a couple of scratches. However, in many cases, a repair can remedy the problem and get your flooring back to being amazing. For wood floor San Antonio TX, work with our experts, who bring over four decades of experience to every job we undertake.

Common Issues in Hardwood Flooring in San Antonio

Many home and business owners are plagued with common flooring conditions that require repair. From water damage to scratches, there are several reasons why you may need to repair your hardwood flooring in San Antonio. Here are just a couple:

Buckling Hardwood Flooring 

A buckled floor arises when the boards begin to warp and lift from the sub-floor, usually due to water damage. Moisture may deform the edges of the wood and cause irregular surfaces to your flooring.

Also called sagging, warping hardwood flooring is the consequence of severe moisture problems and should be addressed immediately. The source of moisture will have to be fixed first before any repair can be carried out.

Cupping Hardwood Flooring

Cupping is also referred to as washboarding, which slowly develops across the timber strip's diameter in which the borders of the planks rise, and the middle of the board dips. Due to moisture imbalance, there's more water on the bottom side of the wood than on the top. You need to balance the humidity levels so that your flooring can return to its normal state. After stabilization, we can sand and then refinish it.

The first step to fix this issue is to balance the level of moisture and humidity in your home. You will have to provide your wood flooring surface with enough time to go back to its normal condition. Once it has stabilized, our team will sand and refinish your wood floors professionally to eliminate any sign of cupping and damage.

Splitting or Cracking

It is not unusual for hardwood to get splits or cracks on the surface. Normally, angled nails and some wood putty is going to do the trick in fastening the two pieces together. Bigger cracks, however, may require refinishing.


Gaps commonly develop between boards. That's because timber shrinks when it dries and expands when wet. This contraction and expansion lead to gaps between planks. We recommend that you try the dime evaluation. If you cannot match a dime in the gap, the condition is normal and will change as the weather does. If a dime can easily fit there, call us.

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